Welcome to Gander Acres! Here at Gander Acres we raise quality AKC English Fox Red Labrador Retrievers. We breed our labs for those that are looking for a great companion dog, hunting partner, with show potential, or just a wonderful family pet, docile- yet eager to please.

At the Hoerter homestead acclimation to family life and children is vital. Thanks to our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren this topic is covered on a daily basis, from whelping day until they leave for their new home; love and affection abounds. We pride in perfection and love.

The Labrador Retriever has always been a part of our game farm. During the 40's, 50's, and 60's my father raised, trained, and hunted his beautiful labs. In 1955 I received my own yellow lab named Spike. The many memories created with Spike remain close to my heart even after 60 years. After my time spent in the US Coast Guard in the 70's we received a lab to raise with our new young family. A year hasn't gone by since then, that we haven't had a lab as a part of our family.

In the last decade while researching for our next puppy, my wife came across some of the most beautiful English Labs we had ever seen, this was the beginning of a love story... It wasn't long after that we received our first English Fox Red Labrador puppy Rufus. A family business/hobby was started. We are confident in saying we guarantee our puppies to be the highest quality available. We love our Fox Reds!

Tom & Neva Hoerter



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